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Conspiracy Summary ç 4 Awsuit until it was too lateThe verdict would stun the world and so would Peter's ultimate unmasking as the man who had set it all in motion Why had he done this How had no one discovered it What would this mean for the First Amendment For privacy For cultureIn Holiday's masterful telling of this nearly unbelievable conspiracy informed by interviews with all the key players this case transcends the narrative of how one billionaire took down a media empire or the current state of the free press It's a study in power strategy and one of the most wildly ambitious and successful secret plots in recent memo. I ve enjoyed other books by Ryan Holiday I enjoy his stoic approach to things He s a fascinating young man with an interesting if not worldly misguided insight into how things workThis is his first bit of journalism He does a good job investigating and telling the story about a real honest to goodness conspiracyHe leaves very few stones unturned and covers what happened very thoroughlyThe problem with this book is at the very end he suddenly turns it into an opinion piece on his belief that the Trump presidency is a disaster and proves and a disaster every day that passes What Where did that come from This book would have had to have been written in the final months of Trump s first year as President How can he possibly conclude that it is a travesty I listened to the audio version of this book and I must say in the future Holiday should hires someone to read it for him He reads in a constant sing songy decrescendo that gets and noticeable by the end of the book His sentences are very short which makes for an easy read but makes for a difficult listenIf you are interested in the nitty gritty details of the take down of Gawker then read this bookOtherwise pass

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Conspiracy Summary ç 4 Been masterminded by ThielFor years Thiel had searched endlessly for a solution to what he'd come to call the Gawker Problem When an unmarked envelope delivered an illegally recorded sex tape of Hogan with his best friend's wife Gawker had seen the chance for millions of pageviews and to say the things that others were afraid to say Thiel saw their publication of the tape as the opportunity he was looking for He would come to pit Hogan against Gawker in a multi year proxy war through the Florida legal system while Gawker remained confidently convinced they would prevail as they had over so many other l. In 2007 a Gawker writer outed Peter Thiel as gay In 2016 after losing a 140 million lawsuit funded by Thiel Gawker shut down Conspiracy is the story of how we got from A to BDisclosure Gawker has tried to get than one of my friends fired so I didn t shed any tears when justice was served High fives may have been exchangedThe central thesis of Conspiracy is that we need conspiracies It s clear that nobody is willing to labor for nearly a decade in silence in order to achieve a goal The closest we have to that is stealth mode or maybe grad school but one is temporary and the other appears to be permanentIf you think of it in terms of an investment and every decision in life can and should be modeled this way a conspiracy has negative carry but returns skewed to the upside Most people and nearly all organizations can t tolerate this so we have fewer than the optimal number of conspiraciesThis argument is counterintuitive but not obviously wrong And it s a good heuristic that when an argument is easy to dismiss but turns out to be hard to argue with you should default to strongly believing it If nothing else when you find out you re wrong you do so in a way that leaves you better informed than the conformistsOne uestion people asked a lot in the aftermath of Gawker s shutdown was do we want to live in a society where a vindictive billionaire can spend years and tens of millions of dollars to ruin someone s life A better uestion is do we want to live in a society where a blogger can spend fifteen minutes to do the same thingWealth we can all agree has some randomness to it If Mark Zuckerberg had taken the VC money in Boston instead of moving to the Bay Thiel would be a lot less rich but between Founder s Fund and Palantir still very very rich But blogging influence is even random Did AJ Daulerio pyramid up his social capital from a series of bold contrarian bets or did he just kind of stumble into possession of the megaphone In investing if you make a huge mistake your next mistake is smaller because you have a smaller bankroll But a blogger can reset his bankroll by writing another postA friend of mine compares the free speech debate to the gun control debate when they wrote the First Amendment the Founding Fathers could never have imagined that a high powered Assault Press like Gawker could end up in the hands of a civilianGawker was simply a misuse of freedom of speech It wasn t strictly necessary that they be destroyed but it was a good thing The Internet used to make society diverse by letting people with obscure interests congregate It still does some of that But sites like Gawker make the world homogeneous by singling out and attacking weirdos It takes years to develop a subculture but only minutes to whip up a mob so Gawker contributed to the Internet s current entropic state maximum tension minimum agencyAnd speaking of agency Thiel and Denton are clearly in the words of Eric Weinstein high agency people They have a vision and execute on it That trait is in limited supply and tends to be selected against in high status education and the early stages of high status jobs In a sense Denton was a class traitor by using his Nietzschean will to power to build an institution that mostly swatted other uniue people asideThis book owes a lot to GirardI found the style okayThe style of the book is 48 Laws of Power cover band We have lots of references to ancient philosophy ancient war recent war Margaret Thatcher You know the cultural currency of someone torn between his love of reading and his desire to be a bro It came as no surprise when I googled and found out that the author was a protege of Robert Greene He has absorbed the Greene voice If you liked The 48 Laws you ll probably get a kick out of this bookI recommend Conspiracy to anyone who wants to see bold plans being executed well It s uniue in that the author has access to both the protagonist and the antagonist As to which one was which I defer to you

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Conspiracy Summary ç 4 In 2007 a short blogpost on Valleywag the Silicon Valley vertical of Gawker Media outed PayPal founder and billionaire investor Peter Thiel as gay Thiel's sexuality had been known to close friends and family but he didn't consider himself a public figure and believed the information was privateThis post would be the casus belli for a meticulously plotted conspiracy that would end nearly a decade later with a 140 million dollar judgment against Gawker its bankruptcy and with Nick Denton Gawker's CEO and founder out of a job Only later would the world learn that Gawker's demise was not incidental it had. Throwing my towel at 20% The premise and the story are incredible But I just cannot force myself to suffer any through the obnoxious writing to enjoy them