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REVIEW ✓ Het Achterhuis Anne Frank ✓ 0 REVIEW Into hiding For the next two years until their whereabouts were betrayed to the Gestapo the Franks and another family lived cloistered in the “Secret Annexe” of an old office building Cut off from the outside world they faced hunger boredom the constant cruelties of living in confined uarters and the ever present threat of discovery and. Het Achterhuis Dagboekbrieven 12 juni 1942 1 augustus 1944 The Diary of a Young Girl Anne Frank The Diary of a Young Girl also known as The Diary of Anne Frank is a book of the writings from the Dutch language diary kept by Anne Frank while she was in hiding for two years with her family during the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands The family was apprehended in 1944 and Anne Frank died of typhus in the Bergen Belsen concentration camp in 1945 The diary was retrieved by Miep Gies who gave it to Anne s father Otto Frank the family s only known survivor just after the war was over The diary has since been published in than 60 languages 2001 327 1942 29051399

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REVIEW ✓ Het Achterhuis Anne Frank ✓ 0 REVIEW Discovered in the attic in which she spent the last years of her life Anne Frank’s remarkable diary has become a world classic a powerful reminder of the horrors of war and an elouent testament to the human spirit In 1942 with the Nazis occupying Holland a thirteen year old Jewish girl and her family fled their home in Amsterdam and went. Why do we write reviewsYou have a lot of reasons I guessBut for this review there is only one I am writing this for my conscience Ever since I have rated this book I always end up asking myself that have I rated it with something it deserved or was it just out of sympathy some call it pity voteReading other reviews although most people just rate it and proceed posed me with many other uestions and also gave me idea of what people generally think about her and her diarySo I m going to start with DO WE DESERVE to review or even rate this book diaryYes it is a diary not a book And aren t diary meant to be something personal Yes they are but it was Anne s wish to get her diary published and she even went on to fictionalize the diary by changing namesWhen I started this book I knew how it would end and who doesn t I had the least of the expectation knowing that she was 13 years old but she just surprised me by the outlook she carried of life She thought and wrote over few such things that didn t occur to my mind until I read it but have applied throughout my life She at times made me laugh at times made me feel sad If she felt something her writing definitely made me experience it and thus she overcame my expectation by large marginI have read in lot of review that her thoughts were way ahead of her age Of course they were difficult conditions make you mature and responsible but there were also other people living under the same roof and in same condition the suffering had even effect on them I remember the letter exchange between two sisters at that point after reading Margot s letter for the first time I realised Anne was still child among themSome say she could visualize herself and her thoughts and actions from different perspective and thus realise her faultThe thing with diary is that it is a lopsided view of the events She would write her thoughts and what she wrote of others were her interpretation of themI have it in my mind but can t put it in words and why should I Does it matter what kind of girl was she NO from me Last thing that occur to me is that many people found it uninteresting and tiresomeI liked it it couldn t get any better I mean they were in hiding for their life in a same house for two years without even opening the window they were not solving murder mystery I remember that when I was halfway through the book I would every now and then turn to the last diary entry and count the days that remained I felt very sad and depressed and it would have been the last thing to occur to me that it was uninteresting I was just taken by her wish to see the outside world again feel the fresh wind and to go to school but This is not a book to enjoy much we read it to gain the insight of hardships that people had to go through during this holocaust Through this book she give us best view of the worst of the world No one has ever benefitted from war all it gives is pain and miseryAll this being said there is nothing to review the book but accept it as written account of the vices of the warThe worst uestion that seemed to have been slapped across my face was Would this book have meant the same if Anne had survived the holocaust and lived to become old Would it have been famous as it is nowWell she didn t survived and with her ended answer to this uestion and no one can bring her back

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REVIEW ✓ Het Achterhuis Anne Frank ✓ 0 REVIEW Death In her diary Anne Frank recorded vivid impressions of her experiences during this period By turns thoughtful moving and surprisingly humorous her account offers a fascinating commentary on human courage and frailty and a compelling self portrait of a sensitive and spirited young woman whose promise was tragically cut short back cover. Maybe the first thing that most people would get shocked is that I rate with only 3 stars one of the best selling books of the 20th century and now 21st century too and even a book about the HolocaustFirst thing that I learned about this book is honestyAnne Frank teaches us all about honesty about telling what you really think and so I am doing the sameFor starters I wonder how many people really I mean REALLY read the book because to rate with 5 stars a famous book that everybody tells you that it s a book that all people should read and then they got in this commnunity for readers and maybe they feel the compromise to make the rest to think that you really read the bookIf not the case hey I don t see why anyone can be offended by this comment and it s true I don t see either anyone who will complain since to me it would be only a defense mechanism behind their own guilt of really not reading the book but making the rest that they did I didn t think about this scenario but commenting about other thing with a reader friend that thought stuck in my mindI invested so much time in that because one has to be honest the book is tedious since it s not really a novel it s a collection of diary writings without a coherent line of constructing a story even you need editors further notes to know what happened to the people in the Secret Annex since obviously Anne was unable to tell the final eventsSo since it s so tedious I wouldn t be surprised that some reader tried to read it but at the end they just rated with 5 stars to denote that they are cultured readers that they appreciate the book as one of the most important books of the 20th centuryBetween the passages you learn a lot of things The first thing that surprised me it s how this diary collection that it was written in the 40 s in Holland by a teenage girl almost anybody can relate to the comments and you don t feel them as outdatedSometimes if you read an old book you sensed the outdated of the prose selection of words etc but here I didn t feel it This diary could be easily being written in present time and I don t think that it would change at all I think that it was one of its strengths since I am sure that it will be as relevant for many timeOther thing that surprised me a lot was how much Anne Frank and by association the rest of the group in the Secret Annex were informed about the events in the war I know they had a radio but from stuff that I had read about WWII there were certain elements of the information that people weren t awareI mean at many moments they denote a certainty that Jewish people were murdered in the extermination camps of course if you call them extermination camps of course you know that people got killed there but that s a term used by me now they called them labor camps and so far I read Jewish people really thought that they will receive baths when they were really gassed or burned to death and it s kinda logical thing since if they were so certained about their deaths there would be riots on the ghettos to flee in mass and they wouldn t march without protest to the gas chambers and the ovens Even Allied forces used espionage methods to know from Nazi prisoners what was happening to the Jewish people on the campsAnyway also there are elements like the assasination attempt to Hitler that they were aware that it was made by their own generals I don t think that kind of stuff would be informed so easily since it was a clear fact of how divided was the opinions of the high ranking staff of the Third ReichI am not saying that the diary is not authentic as some dumb people commented that the Holocaust didn t happenThe Holocaust happenedIt was real and we never forget that to avoid that it would happen again I am just commenting that surprised me how well they were informed about key sensitive info of war events taking in account that they were a bunch of people living hidden for like 3 years in an isolated annex of a building I know they got visits by the people that helped them but even so I am not uestioning its authenticity just expressing my surprise when I read it There were other things here and there that I was surprised by the use of terms like diet low fat geez I didn t know that in the 1940 s they used terms like that in the 1980 s were like the rush of healthy food but again I supposed it s the effect that stuff that we think are new they are just recycled and labeled as newI am amazed that this book is banned in some schools okay there are comments relating to sex and sexual preferences but so what If a teenage girl from the 1940 s can think about stuff like that while she was isolated with a war outside don t you think that teenagers of today can think just the same I think that books like this one can help them to know that they are not alone that they are not weird for thinking things like that that was normal in the 1940s and it s normal now tooI was amazed that the group tried to live normal I mean kids making school work and so I think that in such extraordinary circumstances they needed to do extraordinary things like to make circles and to talk in group and hearing all about topics I mean they were like trapped and living together really too close in the sense of physical space and yet nobody cares about what Anne thinks or what she has to offer Geez Sure they need to be really still and in silence usually at day but they should like making a tribe I don t know I am babbling but to try to live like regular families was evidently wrong for the sanity of their interrelationshipsWhat didn t surprised me were behaviors like trying to hide food or keeping money from the group In times where the group work were essential to survive the human selfishness risen as a second natureResumming I just want to explain that my rating is based on my entertaining experience while reading the book and the format of the book itselfAnd this didn t have to do with my respect for the subject of the Holocaust and its terrible events