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FREE READ Ð Special Forces Veterans Special Forces #3 Aleksandr Voinov Ø 1 FREE READ REVIEW Ç STATUSWHATSAPP.CO Ø Aleksandr Voinov Special Forces is the story of a Scottish SAS soldier and a Soviet spetsnaz soldier Two enemies who meet in the line of duty during the early days of the Soviet Union's last war in Afghanistan Behind enemy lines respect and finally love grow but that's only the official version This epic spans across over twenty five years of their lives It's harsh and violent but life is cruel and. BETRAYED That s how I feel The story in Mercenaries and Veterans feels like a betrayalSF Soldiers was incredible not just a slice of real life It was first and foremost a grand and magnificent love story It described a love so extraordinary so beautiful in its brutality and intensity I was crying for days afterwardsHowever reading the Mercenaries cycle was like a punch to the stomach What you get is a promiscuous Mad Dog with hardly any morals or sense of caring towards Vadim Dan completely shattered me The way Dan can supposedly separate love from sex by which one means lots and lots of sex with anyone and everyone available is plain creepy What made their love so special in the first book Soldiers was their complete focus on and devotion to each other But in the Mercenaries cycle and later Veterans Dan is spending almost all his time and energy fucking everything in sight especially Jean which obviously leaves him hardly any time or energy to devote to VadimHe keeps saying that everything is about VadimBut actions speak louder than words When confronted with situations where he has a choice between Vadim and Jean or anyone else for that matter he always chooses Jean or whoever else the other one is Not once does he make Vadim or Vadim s pleasure his priority To think that Katya was right about Dan all along that he was a worthless piece of s He didn t even have the decency to admit to his love for Jean and set Vadim free especially since Vadim could never gain the courage to demand monogamy from Dan although that was what Vadim really wantedLook at all the damning evidenceDuring the run up to his wedding Dan has eyes only for Jean He is passionately kissing and making out with Jean and not giving a damn about Vadim or where he is He is fucking Jean like crazy but on his wedding night he cannot even get it up for Vadim What a way to treat his supposed true loveI mean the magnitude of selfishness and cruelty towards Vadim that he displays is astounding UNFORGIV ABLE He is so far gone I can t see a redemption for himPlease please please I beg of you please give us an alternative version of events from the time Vadim returns to Dan after two and a half years Please either let Dan and Vadim rediscover that brutal and beautiful love they shared in Afghanistan Let them feel anew that searing intensity that was totally reserved for each other Or if you can t find it in your heart to change Dan at least let Vadim get over him Don t let him be a fucking doormat simply waiting for Dan to dole out crumbs when he can manage to tear himself away from Jean Please take Dan out of the picture his story is finished since he has found his soulmate in Jean its Vadim who has been left standing all alone in the end his entire life laid waste Because maybe their relationship ran its course the day Vadim ran out on Dan after being released from captivity Because Vadim deserves so much He deserves someone who ll love him unconditionally with his whole body and soul most definitely without eyeing others It obviously can t be Hooch since he has found true love with Matt Let someone new come into his life who will give Vadim what he needsPlease give something for all of us romantics out there

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Special Forces Veterans Special Forces #3

FREE READ Ð Special Forces Veterans Special Forces #3 Aleksandr Voinov Ø 1 FREE READ REVIEW Ç STATUSWHATSAPP.CO Ø Aleksandr Voinov The Veterans cycle was published between November 2008 and April 2009 This is the only version that is authorised by MaruesateThis print version of Special Forces is strictly non profit and print cost only The paperback of this original version is available from Lulu ebook version is available for free download and the original chapters remain as a free read on Maruesate’s website. I hope I ll be able to find coherent words for a review Looking back at 25 years in the life of these two completely different men who found love in a world of blood and gore completely swept me off my feet Consider this a spoiler laden review of the whole series not just the last bookview spoilerIn Special Forces Soldiers Part I Director s Cut and Special Forces Soldiers Part II Director s Cut we get to meet both men who start off as enemies in the Afghanistan war in the 1980s Vadim a soldier in the Soviet army that is occupying Afghanistan and Dan a British SAS agent working undercover with the Afghan tribes to train them to fight against the Russian invaders A terrible event brings them together and an act of violence and revenge seals their fate Forbidden encounters over 10 years tighten their bond until they realize that they re sharing a love for one another that neither Mother Russia nor the Western countries would ever approve of Just when the war in Afghanistan comes to an end their affair is discovered by the KGB the Soviet secret service and Vadim is imprisoned as a traitor This is where Special Forces Mercenaries Part I begins and continues in Special Forces Mercenaries Part II Two years of torture manage to break Vadim while Dan desperately uses all his contacts in the diplomatic circles of Europe to help release him Just when things finally progress Dan learns that Vadim has been executedOfficially but not really dead now the KGB trades the broken Vadim for a couple of hundred thousand pounds and hands him over to the British government Dan finally gets to meet Vadim again but he s different No longer the deadly but passionate lover he knew during their years in Kabul but a broken shell of the man he once was Unable to deal with his trauma Vadim runs away which results in Dan taking the coward s way out of their relationship starting to work as a mercenary in various battlefields of the time thinking that Vadim no longer wants him anyway wherever he may be I had a huge problem with Dan from this point on While Vadim struggled to find back to a mental state that allowed him to lead a life of any kind he realized that even though he was no longer the man he was before the torture he had no home no family not even a country to return to He only had Dan So he fought hard to find his way back into the world of active duty and he became a mercenary finding Dan againDan who had moved on and had affairs with numerous guys in the meantime Even when the two got together again Dan refused to stay monogamous hurting Vadim with his sexual promiscuity and his tendency to not only make friends but lovers Especially Vadim s insecurities about Dan and his lovers Jean in particular were painful for me Vadim never really understood that the reason why he didn t need to fear losing Dan to someone else was the fact that Dan wasn t ever looking for a relationship after Finland not even with Vadim Yes he loved Vadim just like he allowed Jean to love him His connection to Vadim and their past made Dan accept that Vadim and he belonged together But at no time did I think Dan was real relationship material And that s why I felt sorry for Vadim who was willing to be a caring and loyal domestic partner despite all the shit Dan pulled on him I love how they made it through 25 years together but I will never ever be a fan of Dan s sadlyAnd after breaking with Dan whom I really liked in Soldiers I spent the rest of the books in constant fear that Vadim might do something that would make me despise him as well There were actually uite a lot of scenes where I would have preferred Vadim to walk away and not participate but still he managed to find his way into my heart and stay thereOk before this review turns into a love letter for Vadim I ll wrap it up As they grow older it s Dan s health that becomes the largest obstacle in the man s life After his knee surgery and his ensuing physical handicap that removes him from active duty forever Dan feels useless and deadAt the beginning of Special Forces Veterans Vadim is working hard to make a home in New Zealand together and to build a military consulting career for both men that allows them to continue traveling the globe and earning money while not putting themselves in danger anyDan falls into a deep depression because of his handicap and stops talking to Vadim for about a year until he finally comes around and manages to find a purpose in life againThe first half of Veterans deals with a high ranking African Colonel who seduces Vadim during the year that Dan stopped being there for him but the Colonel keeps on stalking Vadim for months Dan and Vadim realize that the guy is a dangerous sadist who already crippled a British lawyer many years earlier They manage to convince and seduce the lawyer to give testimony against the Colonel to prevent the man from ever going after another guy again while also showing the handsome lawyer what love and man on man sex feels like the poor guy never had anyone but hookers because of the scars that remained on his body after the Colonel s sadistic tortureThe second half of the book with both guys being in their 50s is mainly about tying up loose ends in their lives Vadim finally reaches a peaceful understanding with his ex wife Katya and manages to get in contact with his children and Dan finally accepts having a daughter with a woman he hated becoming a father figure in the young girl s life And finally their marriage the final closure of probably the most epic love story in the genre hide spoiler


FREE READ Ð Special Forces Veterans Special Forces #3 Aleksandr Voinov Ø 1 FREE READ REVIEW Ç STATUSWHATSAPP.CO Ø Aleksandr Voinov They just do what they need to survive Special Forces Veterans is the third and last cycle of the Special Forces epic which consists of three cycles and about a million words The first cycle is Soldiers and the second one is Mercenaries in two partsThis print version is the original version of Special Forces as it was edited at the time of first publication on Maruesate’s website. Dear Lawd how I wish to have a way with words to describe how much this series gave me as a reader and as a person It has been an incommensurable experience It gave so much freedom to my mind to wander and linger and uestion and accept and be awed It gave me a degree in tolerance a master in forgiveness a PhD in acceptanceSpecial Forces is a lifetime journey of blood and darkness and hatred and compassion and passion and despair but above all love in one of the harshest and cruel backgrounds created And that life shaped these two men who went through hell and back But it all paid off as they ended this journey as euals living freely and truly to themselves with no pretencesWhat an undeniable representation of epic loveThere were a few let downs down the road but what represents a few niggles in a 12 fucking million words storyNothing absolutely nothing because the whole greatness of its core overshadows that by thousands of miles And I m so in love with Vadim s troubled soul Take my strength Tie me up Chain me Force me with your will and Dan s irreverence Oversexed Underfucked Kinky Those three words spelt hell I don t think I have ever felt so connected to fiction characters before and as such it pains me immensely to see them go I never could picture Jean I try hard not to label people but I wanted to stick a label on him so bad Who was him His identity Straight French Bi Russian Gay And considering how much I could see all the other characters presented to us I can t help but wonder if his lack of personality was on purposeThis series is hands down the most perfect fucked up life journey I have ever read and I will be forever a captive in Dan and Vadim s fiction world You think together we make something like a whole Yes Yes I do And on that note I am rating these four books with all my heart a constellation of stars